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tihinking of u all  / Nicola Waring   Read >>
tihinking of u all  / Nicola Waring
thinking of u on your 7th birthday kelsey u will always be with me in my heart. love to all the briggs and sigman family on this preciouse day love u  always kelsey goodnight sleeptight babygirl xxxx Close
And GOD wept  / Wendy Jones   Read >>
And GOD wept  / Wendy Jones

I cannot comprehend how such cruelty could/does happen to GOD's children. I can only imagine what heartache Kelsey's daddy and family must have felt/feel. I pray you find peace. My heart goes out to you.  My prayers are with you and may GOD's love comfort you.

My Thoughts and prayers  / Peter Puchalski (None)  Read >>
My Thoughts and prayers  / Peter Puchalski (None)

My Thoughts and Prayers are with you at this time of the year as you remember your little Angel.

Goodbye Lil Angel  / Melissa Bellis (none)  Read >>
Goodbye Lil Angel  / Melissa Bellis (none)
I would first like to say that I am so sorry for the families loss. Also we never understand why people do the cruel things that they do but one thing I am sure of is that Kelsey was here for a reason. I hope that this horrible story will help another child and keep them safe. I have two beautiful boys and do not know what I would do if something happen to them. With all my love and prayers always. Close
A STRANGERS HEART  / Erica Whittle (Stranger)  Read >>
A STRANGERS HEART  / Erica Whittle (Stranger)
I haven't ever met Kelsey or anyone in her family. I just watch a video on facebook today about her. I am a new mother myself and while watching this my heart felt like it was ripped out of my chest and I felt like I died inside. I can't ever imagine what Kelsey's family has lost and I can't imagine the pain they feel. I knew things like this happened but I never knew it could happen to just anyone. I am soo... sorry to what has happened to this family and all the pain miss kelsey had endured her two years of life. I will pray for this family and I am offering my condolence... Close
To the family  / Marissa Foster   Read >>
To the family  / Marissa Foster

I remember when this first happened I was laying on the couch in my new apartment a single 18 year old mom catching up with the news trying to not fall asleep after a long 14 hour shift. My eyes suddenly popped open and I found tears streaming down my face and my heart broke into a million pieces for this little girl just like every one else I just could never comprehend why ANY BODY could ever hurt a child especially as beautiful as Kelsey. I held my daughter who was turning two just 4 days before beautiful Kelseys birthday.   I have since followed up with the story since then and everytime I read or see her gorgeous doll face come up on the computer screen my heart aches just like it did that night right after God had taken her home.  I can not imagine the pain the paternal side of the family endures every day. Kelsey has touched so many peoples hearts and souls and not only will her family never forget her but I will never forget her and millions of other people wont either.  the family is such an inspiration and turned a horrible tradgedy into something great for other children. I pray for you guys often!  I hope your holidays are filled with love and joy!!

Kelsey's birthday  / Mary Bowman (Supporter)  Read >>
Kelsey's birthday  / Mary Bowman (Supporter)
December has come again and the holidays are fast approaching. But there is another milestone to pass.  On December 28 2009; Kelsey would have been seven years old.  My heart goes out to the Briggs family as they wonder what might have been.  That beautiful little face the sweet smile the bright blue eyes.  Kelsey was an angel even when she was still on this earth.  I know that she is still with her daddy watching over him until it is time for them to meet again.  I hope that this will give the Briggs family some comfort. Close
god bless you.  / Juliette Mills   Read >>
god bless you.  / Juliette Mills
your story breaks my heart you poor angel at least no more pain for you. Your father supporting his country and how does he get repaid his families pleas to stop those awful people cant say parent and step parent as they are animals ( insult to animals sorry). you will go down as another tragedy that wasnt taken notice of but there are people out there angel me being one that does hear your cries and will fight with every last breath untill you are herd by those who should. god bless you angel dance on those clouds and smile because you are loved by so many my heart goes out to your daddy and his family because they also wernt herd no words will ever make the pain go away but you your daddy is a star and may your love shine for each other rip angel my love to your daddy and family.xx Close
My heart goes out to this angel...  / A. H.   Read >>
My heart goes out to this angel...  / A. H.

Kelsey my heart weeps when I think of the ordeal you went through baby...:( I fail to understand how someone can be so barbaric to an innocent baby. It only takes a disgusting and sick mind to do that! You were in wrong hands deserved so much love and care....After learning about your life I can never be a quiet witness to child abuse.

RIP you sweet li'l angel. Lots of love...I wish I could hug and protect you! I wish I could....

you will never be forgotten  / Christine Whittier   Read >>
you will never be forgotten  / Christine Whittier
Kelsey I can't express how much your story has affected me and touched my heart. I have been brought to  tears every time I read about you or see a picture of your beautiful face! I pray your smiles in all your pictures are what you remember most in your short time on this earth. YOu express so much personality in your smile and I am sorry for all the people that failed you. God BLess YOU!!! YOU will NEVER be FORGOTTEN!!!! Close
iv fell in love with that smile x  / Heidi Wood (none)  Read >>
iv fell in love with that smile x  / Heidi Wood (none)
iv seen a lot of storys on my computer but when i see kelseys big eyes and that gawjus smile my heart melted and in the pics of kelsey and her daddy i know its love and my heart breaks thinking of how he feels xxevery time i see a picture of kelsey im split in 2 i see her big smile and feel so happy but the story breaks me xxlots of love to kelsey and her dad xx Close
I wish so much, it hurts....  / Angela Stolz (wishing I was )  Read >>
I wish so much, it hurts....  / Angela Stolz (wishing I was )


How could someone look into those beautiful babies eyes and do what was done to her????? She is such a little sweetie. You can see the love her daddy has for her what is wrong with the mother???? Oh how I wish I could just hold her and keep her safe.

Miss Kelsey I love u so much! I wish things were different and your mom made better choices in her life. RIP baby Kelsey.....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



Blue eyes, babies got blue eyes!  / Angela Stolz (just another day thinking about you )  Read >>
Blue eyes, babies got blue eyes!  / Angela Stolz (just another day thinking about you )

 Why does this happen to babies. I wish I could bring you and all the other children back and wrap you all safely in my arms. I dont understand what makes people so mean. I have been so consumed with heartbreak for all of you little kids. When I think about whats going on in this world I ask myself...why do people who rob banks steal cars and things like that serve more time than people who kill babies rape babies????? What is wrong with the judicial system? Seems to me that they have it backwards.

Kelsey...I will not keep my mouth shut if I ever see something bad happen to children. This is a promise I will keep to you. I dont care who it is my best friend family I just dont care. It makes me sick to think that people can do these horrible things to the most precious of us all our kids.

RIP sweet little Angel....You are such a beautiful baby girl and I really truly hope you are having fun in Heaven. You deserved so much more from the one who was supposed to protect you at all costs.


I will never forget you....  / Angela Stolz (still a sad passerby )  Read >>
I will never forget you....  / Angela Stolz (still a sad passerby )

I love this picture so much. What a beautiful little princess! I wish so much that I was able to meet her. I just want to pick her up and cuddle with her. She has the most amazing little smile. I cannot get her out of my mind. Why are people so cruel? I will never understand. What kind of monster could harm a child? What kind of mother would allow someone to put their hands on an innocent child. I would die for my kid's. Kelsey were too good for your mother and that thing that was called your stepfather. I wish for you all the fun times in heaven with all the other angel babies. Even though I didnt know you I feel so much love in my heart for a little girl who should have had a full life with all the things you should have been able to experience. Kelsey I will do what I can for you and that would be to alway's keep a watch for child abuse. I make this promise...if I ever see anything bad happen to a child I will make sure it is reported to the police. I will do it for you Kelsey and for all the victims of abuse. Lots of Love from a friend who cares.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

US observer article shares different angle  / Dora W. (none)  Read >>
US observer article shares different angle  / Dora W. (none)

An article by the US observer puts things in perspective. All around Kelsey have been witnesses to the abuse in one way or another which does not exonerate the mother or the family involved. Mei you be able to live in peace with the decisions you made.

Brokenhearted / Hailley B. (Heartbroken onlooker )  Read >>
Brokenhearted / Hailley B. (Heartbroken onlooker )
To kelsey's family especially her father Lance I do not know you but I am truely heartbroken. My daughter is 14 months old and it seems a lot like kelsey. Headstrong active and sweeter than anyone can imagine. I cannot understand how anyone can look at the beautiful face of an angel and intentionally hurt them. I also can't understand what kind of mother could allow such harm to come to their baby girl. I will pray for your family always. I know that people shouldn't wish bad on anyone but for someone to knowingly hurt an innocent child who isn't even old enough to know what is going on or to do anything about it then that coward should be killed. I am truely sorry for your loss and that horrible man should get the death penalty. Everyday people get the death penalty for accidents and he intentionally brought harm that ulltimately caused the death of this precious angel and got a slap on the wrist. Well if he had only slapped kelsey's wrist then maybe but to sexually and physically abuse a baby then you should have to face the same consequences! To lance thank you for your service so very much but I think in this case the cost of freedom was far too high!!! I do not know you or your daughter but all of my love is with you as I know this is the hardest thing you will ever face! There are no words to stop the pain but I hope that someday this world will see the wrong they can do and I know the hardest thing must be that the country you were fighting for and the reason you could not be here protecting this precious angel is also the country that failed you and more importantly Kelsey! Love always and God bless Hailley (a loving mother of another of God's blessings just like Kelsey) Close
HEARTBROKEN / Lisa Smyth (none just completey heartbroken )  Read >>
HEARTBROKEN / Lisa Smyth (none just completey heartbroken )
I live far away in ireland and to be honest had never heard of this little girl before. I am a mother of 3 and little kelsey has pulled on strings in my heart. Now i Know of little kelsey she will be in my thoughts forever she is playing in heaven with the angels smiling down on her daddy and granny for the rest of my days i promise i will offer up a prayer for little kelsey and her daddy and any other little child who is suffering has suffered or who will suffer. My thoughts are with you always. Close
angel / Danielle Stencil (none)  Read >>
angel / Danielle Stencil (none)
to the family of this little angel i am so sorry for your loss. i will keep you in my prayers... even though i never met this sweet child she has touched my life in an unimaginable way ... rest in peace beautiful child.... i hope that the "system" that is in place stops failing our innocent children with the parents is NOT always the answer. Close
from the other side of the world...  / Nicola   Read >>
from the other side of the world...  / Nicola
I became aware of Kelsey's plight on a child abuse site on facebook. I live in Australia so had not heard her story before. I watched a video of this precious priceless little girl and was completely devastated.
My sincerest condolences to her father and grandparents how can a mother let this happen???? How can she let some guy do this to her child? Don't people value their kids? I don't have children but my mother always put us first before any boyfriend and took every possible step to ensure our safety.
This little angel deserved better than this and I will never get this awful truly devastating story out of my head.
My heart goes out to you and to the thousands of other families whose children have been taken by vile disgusting "human beings" who place no value on human life.
She was robbed of her life the people responsible will pay. My heart goes out to you her family. Close
always on my mind  / May   Read >>
always on my mind  / May

I came across videos of Kelsey a couple of days ago on youtube. It's been a couple of day and i still cannot get her beautiful face out of my mind. I cried and i couldn't bare reading about the tragedy that happened to her but for some reason i could not stop looking her up or even watching the videos no matter how painful it was to see all the bruises on her. I have a two year old daughter and i just think we complain everyday about every little thing little do we know there's two year olds out there who have bigger problems than us. The only problem is they cannot complain or even tell anyone that they are hurting. Kelsey touched me so much i feel so much pain just thinking of what she was going through. I cannot get over the pictures of the last time she saw her paternal family for the last time the augustus before she died. There is not a day that I haven't thought of her. I hope she knows how much she is loved by so many people. I'm sorry her family lost such a precious soul. I hope one day she will meet again all the people she loved here on earth

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