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Dear Baby Angel  / Becky M. (No Relation )  Read >>
Dear Baby Angel  / Becky M. (No Relation )

Dear Baby Angel Kelsey


            I know your time on earth was spent in pain. God had a plan for you a much BIGGER plan for you he wanted you to look over all the children to help try to keep them safe!!! Although you are loved and missed Dearly here on earth. Your playing in Gods Garden Now!!! You are happy and theres a sparkle in your eyes again!!! What is it like on the other side  of the Beautiful Rainbow? All i know is that here on earth is when itsa beautiful i thank you you are what makes our days shine so bright i do believe its your smiles gleaming on us!!! One day you will be reunited with the ones who loved you and tried to save you and what a great Reunion that will be.. Many cry for you still it was and is because you have inspired us your strong and have left an impression on our hearts. Seeing pictres of you on more happyier times is a bitter  sweet feeling. If you had been mine youw ould of seen a different world!! But as we all know the past can't be changed there's only the future we to look foward too!!! So plase in our journey to eventually the pearly gated please look over us and all the less fortunate children who don't know what LOVE is!!!

                           God Bless you and your family

                            Until We Meet....

                            With lots of LOVE


                           Katlynn and Allies MOMMY!!!


kelsey / Candy Rau (stranger)  Read >>
kelsey / Candy Rau (stranger)
kelsey were such a beautiful little gurl!!!i dont know why anyone would want to hurt are with god and he only takes the best angels!!you are the sweetest innocent little gurl and im sorry you had to be punished for coming into this dreaded world with mean are thought about all the time sweetie Close
we love you kelsey briggs R.I.P  / Leah Gallipeau (i wish i had 1 )  Read >>
we love you kelsey briggs R.I.P  / Leah Gallipeau (i wish i had 1 )

I am sorry for your lost!

I think if that happend to me i would die of crying to much!

I had a best friend that died but it was nothing even close to as bad as what happend to poor baby kelsey!

My best friend was born september 3rd 1996. and died october 29th 2006. her name was KAYLA OSEI-OPOKU. she had an identical twin sister that was 3 minutes older than her her name was AYLA OSEI-OPOKU.

Kayla died because one day her and her sister ayla with her 2 firends juan and maria. they were going to a store across the street from were they where. and they had to cross a main st. to get to big bunnys. and on there way back from the store kayla was crossing the street and she crossed befor every 1 els... and her friend maria screemed "KAYLA STOP" amd kayla turnedaround. and then she got hit by  a lady who was talking on her cell phone while looking back at her baby. and she was speeding. and the ladyhit her and then did not think at all and bakked uo over her leg to see what she hit. and her leg was smooshed. ayla ran over to her sister kayla to see if she was okay and as ayla explained... "i ran to her and kneeled down next to her and her eyes were moving ever where and the lady that hit hr got out of her car and i said you hit my sister and the lady said she was in the way and the lady never told me or my family sorry." i felt like it was my faoult because erlier that day they both asked to play with me. but i was not in the mood and around 7 my moms friend called the house and the i remember hr saying who got hit by a car? and me and my brother chris ran into her room and asked what had happend and she said that my best friend kayla had gotten hit by a car neer big bunnys and then i started to cry and then my moms friend had called back 2 minutes later and told my mom something and she said i am not saying that and she gave me the phine and her friend told me hunny im sorry but your friend got hit by a car and had just past away. i started screeming... kayla R.I.P and ayla were only 2 months and 2 days younger than me. and there were in 4th grade and i was in 5th grade... and she died on a sunday and i did not go to school 4 2 weeks... i stayed with ayla everyday the only say i went to school was to let exactly 2000 white baloons go. and only her clostest friend were givven a light pink paper to write a special note to god to give to her. and now every year on her birth day we take ayla out and then we go to her grave and out something kayla would want on her grave. and on the memorial october 29th  we go to her grave and pray with alot of people and we cleen it upp and take picktures and then we go to ger cross. we put up a cross where she had gotten hit. and we built in a light into it because the town will not put a cross walk there so we put a light there so that drivers can see where there going at night... and we cleen it upp and we replace the light and we put a cross naklace 2.. and we let go of a lot of baloons.... and we sing a sing... and then on tha walk home we would chant WE LOVE YOU KAYLA R.I.P. and thats why i put that for the subject...and the sad thing is 2 years after she died... there house burned down... and it ha all of our memories in it.... and on kaylas bed there was a shirt with her pictures on it.... and a special necklace wit her pictures and alll of her cloths... it was so sad.....and her  whole family stayed at my house those 2 nights....and her house would not have burned down if it was not freeing outside...because the pipes were frozen!!!! =( ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<3333333333333333333♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sorry / Sage Harris (Nothing)  Read >>
Sorry / Sage Harris (Nothing)

i am so sorry for you lost.

i hope they pay for what they did.

Just remember sees watching u and she wants u to be strongg.

I Love You Kelsey Briggs



so sad  / Miah Reddick (none)  Read >>
so sad  / Miah Reddick (none)

......i am speechless i cant even discibe the pain i feel for you kelsey i can now feel your presents around me when i see a inosent child may have what you ever wanted in heaven above i cannot stop crying you have now touched my heart

                                             sighned miah age 11

Angel Looking from the blue sky.....  / Becky Meredith   Read >>
Angel Looking from the blue sky.....  / Becky Meredith
I never knew you.....But you have touched me........I visit this site often.....and i cry for you and your Family.....i have little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes she is the age that you were when you went to go visit jesus.....I just look at my little girl and couldn't imagine never protecting her from monsters....YOU are thought of everyday.......I know you are in a better place with no fear.....Mei god bless you and your family....YOU ARE STILL LOVED and MISSED!!! Be free BABY ANGEL KELSEY!!! Close
Forever in my heart Kelsey Angel  / Nicola Sears   Read >>
Forever in my heart Kelsey Angel  / Nicola Sears
Since I heard about you Kelsey not a day has gone by since that I haven't thought about you. I have cried so many tears over pictures and videos of you beautiful Angel. I wish that I could give back the one thing your daddy Lance wants in the whole world and that's you baby girl sadly I can't. I know daddy is very proud that your his little girl and that you are shinning down from heaven and are very proud of him too. He tries hard to stay strong but without you it's hard. Kelsey you will be forever in my heart although I never knew you I love so much. All my love to you your daddy Lance Grandma Kathie and all the Briggs family XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Close
forever in my heart  / Shannon Bryant (none)  Read >>
forever in my heart  / Shannon Bryant (none)
I have not stopped cryying since I came across Kelseys Story. I have  read the story I watched the videos and now I can't stop thinking about Kelsey and how much pain and suffering she had to endure in her short life. I cannot fatham the thought of any child going through what Kelsey did..... My biggest question is WHY???? Why did the monsters do this???? Where was her mommy when this man hit or kicked her so hard that it killed Kelsey? She was only 2 years old she was a innocent carefree adorable little girl who only wanted to be loved and to be cared for and to live her life out. Her mother should have protected her when she saw the first bruise. I don't know why that woman would let a man beat her baby girl and not leave him. Kelsey wasn't able to fight for herself she wasn't able to tell she wasn't able to run from him she didn't know why she was being hurt. She was only a little girl who needed her mommy to save her but instead her mommy turned the other check and did nothing that goes for the people who put her back in that abusive home that  goes for the people who saw it and did nothing that goes for the people who didn't fight for her. Someone could have saved Kelseys life now it is too late. Kelsey lost her fight against her abuser but she will win the war on child abuse. She will never be forgotten she lives on through all of us who will fight for her while she watches over us with that cute little smile. She knows that she is in a better place and that her daddy and grandma fought for her but in the end she was called home. She is her daddy's little Angel. I have two daughters of my own and I would die for them. I couldn't imagine anyone hurting my children. It sickens me to know that Kelsey suffered so much.  No child deserves to be hurt and no child deserves to be unloved. They did not ask to come into this world. Please stop child abuse. We couldn't save Kelsey but with Kelseys help we can save another child and another child. Rest in peace Sweet baby girl and know that you will always be in my heart and I will help prevent child abuse. Close
stranger touched by Kelsey's story  / May (none)  Read >>
stranger touched by Kelsey's story  / May (none)
Happy Kelsey Briggs Day! RIP Kelsey.... Close
God bless the angel Kelsey  / Tonya Chypyha (I'm a stranger who came upon this story and who plans to wear purple tmrw in her memory )  Read >>
God bless the angel Kelsey  / Tonya Chypyha (I'm a stranger who came upon this story and who plans to wear purple tmrw in her memory )
Oh my gosh this is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard of.  What a darling little angel and a darling father too.  Kelsey is in a safe and heavenly haven with God's presence constantly bringing her joy.  I pray that God will continue to bless her soul and that Kelsey's memory will prevent other children from going through the same pain that she did.  Tears are streaming down my face and I have only just encountered this story a few minutes ago.  The pictures of Kelsey and her daddy are priceless.  God bless all the people who truly cared about Kelsey and I pray that they are dealing with this loss in the best way possible.  Sites like this show your committment to preventing child abuse especially when it has already been documented.  Kelsey is a precious soul who had a strong purpose in life and the world needs to be taught a huge lesson from Kelsey's life.  I am done 1 year of the Bachelor of Education program and have 1 more after this and I am happy that I will be able to be a mentor to children and I hope that I create an environment where they feel safe enough to be honest about their home lives and if things are going on there that shouldnt be I pray that I can help the children to be in the positive encouraging and healing environments that they deserve to be in.  Thanks to Kelsey's dad for his patriotism and his never-dying love for his blessed child: you shall meet again. Close
My Prayers go to you & those that truly loved you  / Sonia Cabral (Caring Mother )  Read >>
My Prayers go to you & those that truly loved you  / Sonia Cabral (Caring Mother )
To Kelsey's Dad It's wonderful to see the beautiful connection Kelsey has with you. The Love is evident in all the pictures. I'm so sorry that she was wrongfully wriped out of your life undeservingly. The law is not always right or just. The good don't always win. I can't imagine a mother who would not protect their child at whatever cost and I'm sorry you and your family suffered such a great loss because of that. I hope that time and the memories you have and that special bond clearly strong between you and your daughter Kelsey will help you in your healing process. Thank you for serving our country and God Bless you and Kelsey. Close
Kelsey Briggs Day...♥  / Kelsey Stevenson (No Relation )  Read >>
Kelsey Briggs Day...♥  / Kelsey Stevenson (No Relation )

I believe Kelsey Briggs Day is April 28th of each year. That day is coming up two days....I just wanted to tell everyone in case no one knew. I learned about Kelsey one night while on YouTube...the story changed me forever....Kelsey you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...peace be with you and God Bless You and Your Family...


Kelsey Stevenson....♥

Love for Family  / Jona Miller (None (saw Video on )  Read >>
Love for Family  / Jona Miller (None (saw Video on )

Dear Family of Kelsey

I didn't know her but I was touched and angered by what happened to such a Beautiful Baby Girl. It deeply touched my heart and I would do whatever I could to help. I just want to tell kelsey's father that in the video on youtube that I watched I could tell that Kelsey thought the World of you. You were her biggest hero. And it is a shame that while you were out being the countries hero you had to loose your Little Angel. I don't know how it feels  but just knowing about this Little girl I have felt deep sorrow and pain and I am sure she would not want you to hurt any longer because I am possitve she is in a much better place. God wouldn't of took her if she would countinue to hurt. I will countinue to check up on the Memorial Page she has and Pray for her family. God bless you and Help you through this time.


                                            Jona Miller

Kelsey is making a difference!!  / Mykayla Mcdonald (read her story online )  Read >>
Kelsey is making a difference!!  / Mykayla Mcdonald (read her story online )

I found this tribute on youtube a while back. Ever since i watched it i can't stop watching it. Over and over again.

It brings me to tears when i read of how the father came home to bury his daughter. She is so adorable. I know some things along this line of pain. When i was 8 years old i watched my father fight for his life. sad to say he lost.

But this made me realize what i want to do in life i want to help children like Kelsey. I have decided that i will go to college and get a masters degree in social work. I want to work somewhere along the lines to help children like Kelsey. No child will have to go through that and i will do my best in life to do part in that.

This story has changed my life. Im sure it has changed yours but i just want you to know how sorry i am. Stay Strong Kelsey was put on this earth for a reason.

Be brave.

Heaven / Heather Norris (Didn't know, but she touched my heart today )  Read >>
Heaven / Heather Norris (Didn't know, but she touched my heart today )

I am in Heaven now God called my name.

I feel no pain and I have no shame.

Only happy times here.

There is no fear.

I am an Angel now daddy looking down upon you.

Please know that I am safe and I will be here waiting.

For the day that I can finally be in your arms again.

So dont be sad and dont be Mad.

Be glad that I am safe in the arms of Jesus

Cry no more tears.




I am soooo sorry about this happening to Kelsey!!  / Lisa Warmington (None, but wats happened is TERRIBLE )  Read >>
I am soooo sorry about this happening to Kelsey!!  / Lisa Warmington (None, but wats happened is TERRIBLE )
Hello my names Lisa I saw Kelsey on here and automaticly loved her she was adorable and what happened shouldn't have she had so much of her life to live anyone would say that. So I'm soo sorry for what happened to her and I'm sorry for your loss! Close
Thank you  / Alyssia (none)  Read >>
Thank you  / Alyssia (none)
I was brought to tears by the story of your family and as a child abuse survior I want to thank you for having the strenght to share your story and fight. The physical abuse eventually stops but the fear never goes away. Thank you Close
You are an Angel.  / Elizabeth Maldonado (a concerned mother and grandmother )  Read >>
You are an Angel.  / Elizabeth Maldonado (a concerned mother and grandmother )
My heart goes out to the daddy. I am so sorry . Your little Angel is watching over you you will see her again one day. God Bless you and thank you my faithful soldier. Close
The truth...  / H. H.   Read >>
The truth...  / H. H.
It is sad that the people who come to this site do NOT know the TRUTH about Kelsey and that you are the mother who murdered her operating a website from PRISON trying to shift blame...And the sad thing is YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOURSELF.  Look up the REAL story everyone. Close
Kelsey is in heaven...  / Amanda Kell (None)  Read >>
Kelsey is in heaven...  / Amanda Kell (None)

I dont know Kelsey but when i heard her story i couldnt do anything but cry. No child should have to go through what she did. She didnt deserve it. Nobody does. I wouldnt wish abuse on my worst enemy. The man who did this is evil and i hope he burns in hell for what he did. How could somone possibly hurt or kill someone on purpose. In my eyes he is just a coward for hurting someone that couldnt hurt him back. I cant believe he only went to prison. He and her mother should of both got the death penalty. Rest in peace Kelsey. God has you now.

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