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Beyond horrific!!!  / Kendra   Read >>
Beyond horrific!!!  / Kendra

The system failed this child and her father!  I hope he can find peace!  I am sure Kelsey is now dancing with her fellow angels!  You're in my prayers!!!

Kelsey Briggs.  / Shannon (No Relations. )  Read >>
Kelsey Briggs.  / Shannon (No Relations. )
I first became aware of Kelseys story about a year ago.
Ever scince ive though about her because her story touched my heart.

I Rearranged words and made this for Kelsey

For Most people Home is a Happy place,
A Fun place, A place where good things happen
Most people would prefer to be at home than a church,a school or a hospital.
I was Brought up here But i would choose diffrent...

Whilst my Dad was out saving our cournty,
my mom watched my stepfather abuse me.
The courts couldnt see past them until it was too late.
Granny and grandpa were the only ones keeping me alive.
They made me smile,laugh and block out all the bad.
Mom and -Dad were my home,
they where supposed to be  my safe place.
My sanctuary.I love it here.Correction Loved it here.

Now im am Angel in Heaven watching my daddy.
He misses me but he knows im watching over him.
He still has my favrioute teddy bear
I still kiss him goodnight even though he cant feel it.
I still sing him happy birthday or merry christmas even if he cant hear it.
I still do all the things i used to do even if you cant see it.
I was gods will.
Im in a happy,warm and loving place now.

R.I.P Baby girl.

originally from. - by shona rhimes.
 For most people a hospital is a scary plae, a hostile place, a place where bad things happen. Most people would prefer a church, a school, or a home. But I grew up here. While my mom was on rounds, I learned to read in the OR gallery. I played in the morgue. I colored with crayons on old ER charts. The hospital was my church, my school, my home. The hospital was my safe place, my sanctuary. I love it here. Correction, loved it here. Close
I am crying my eyes out now  / Chloe Nicreth ((Just a stranger) )  Read >>
I am crying my eyes out now  / Chloe Nicreth ((Just a stranger) )

When I read this story it brought tears to my eyes and I never cry , How could a mother possibly let some one be so Plain evil toward thier own child I only came tothis website because of a commn on youtube but I'm glad I did because now I think I'm going to go back and send a very strongly worded message to spoiltbrat1502 after putting the comment online now I know this storyI am appalled by the comment :PLEASE DONT READ THIS ,YES I HATE THIS BUT THIS IS TRUE.KELSEY BRIGGS IS A GIRL THAT DIED PEOPLE DONT KNOW HOW BUT IM SURE YOU WILL FIND OUT ON GOOGLE,WELL LOTS OF PEOPLE SAID THEY HAVE FOUND HER IN THEIR BEDROOM ,WHEN YOU SEE HER THE 4TH TIME SHE WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FORGETS ABOUT YOU ITS REALY SAD THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT THIS DEATH IS TO COPY THIS ON 3 OTHER VIDEOS!!!I AM REALY SORRY I HATE PEOPLE WHO WRITE THIS!AND THIS IS TRUE SEARCH IT UP ON GOOGLE!START NOW.

I havent copied it onto any video's because I know that suck a sweet girl would never put anyone through any off the pain she has suffered , And hell I'm only 12 and I am absolutly appalled at this comment . All my condolend=ces to those who new Kelsey .xx

God Child  / Shreya PATIL (DAUGHTER)  Read >>
God Child  / Shreya PATIL (DAUGHTER)
Dear U are very sweet though you are not with us in this world but looking at your smiling photo it gives us the feeling as if you are with us watching us and it is so hurting that how any one can do this to such a sweet little angle. you mean the world for your daddy but i saw you today in this picture this really gives me the feeling that how your daddy must be feeling with out u i really wish from my heart if god want to give a sweet little girl to birth i will definitely ask him to give you. and i will always keep u in my arms with all safe and all my love dear wright now u are in the gods laps siting with him watching the whole world whose missing u so badly. we love you very much i specially want the people should be punished who did this to you but i believe in god they would also bearing the same what you beard in such a small age love you very very much sweet little baby my sweet angle....i miss you Close
i'm sorry this shouldn't have happened  / Carol Johnson (Abuse survivor )  Read >>
i'm sorry this shouldn't have happened  / Carol Johnson (Abuse survivor )
this shouldn't have happened kelsey was just a little girl and everytime i read what had happen i break down and cry but in the same breath i know shes in a good place and forever will be just waiting for her daddy to return back home to her and so they can be together forever again one day Close
IM SORRY TO READ THIS  / Tayonia Lennette (not related )  Read >>
IM SORRY TO READ THIS  / Tayonia Lennette (not related )
6 years ago  / Kathy (stranger)  Read >>
6 years ago  / Kathy (stranger)
Dear Kelsey

6 years ago today you earned your angel wings and left your daddy behind in a cold world without you. I was but a young girl myself by that time but when I heard about your death ( even a hundred thousand miles away in another country ) it touched me deeply. I just could not understand how people were able to hurt something so sweet and fragile like you. It's unbelievable for me that men can bruise and abuse such a small child like you were for their own pleasure and it hurts me deeply to know that you had to go through so much in such a short lifetime. You would be 8 years by now going to school and I bet you would be your father's pride and joy. I think about you a lot even though I never met you in person and you will be in my heart forever sweet Kelsey. I light a candle on your birthday and death date each year. It might not help your remaining family because it can't bring you back but my thoughts and prayers go to them today because they will miss you the most now. I know you are looking down on them today. You are with my dead Mom who died just months after you and I bet you two have a lot of fun in heaven.

Rest in peace little angel Kelsey. You are deeply missed <3 Close
Kelsey / Jemma M. (Just a stranger )  Read >>
Kelsey / Jemma M. (Just a stranger )
Kelsey I'm so sorry. Everything you went through just got too much. You died at such a young age! Much loved ='[ Jemma xxx Close
I'm so sorry  / Anthony Thorne (None)  Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Anthony Thorne (None)

I am so sorry for the loss. It makes me sick to know that the people who are supposed to love protect and care for this beautiful little girl abused her literally to death. I am a father of a 5 year old named Brianna and she is my world.

To Kelsey: Rest in Peace little one. I hope angels are giving you all the love and attention that you should of had here.

To the father (real father) of Kelsey: I am truly sorry for your loss. I will pray for you and hope that one day you will be re-united with your princess in heaven. Hold on to those memories and I will always have a prayer for you and your daughter.


A mom who would have loved you  / Amy   Read >>
A mom who would have loved you  / Amy
I am a mom of 3 very happy with my children but sadly not able to have another baby. I would have been thrilled if God had graced me with such a beautiful loving little girl like Kelsey.  I would lay down my own life for my children before I would let someone torture them. How anyone would want to hurt this angel is unfathomable. Just know that I am thinking about her and sending love to her and her family. Close
Rest in peace little Angel  / Carmen Silva (stranger)  Read >>
Rest in peace little Angel  / Carmen Silva (stranger)

It hurts my heart to see such a beautiful child gone. Just looking at her pictures and seeing her bright smile just makes me smile.  No child should ever have to go through what Kelsey went through no child should ever be shown anything but love. Kelsey was a fighter and still smiled even when the going got rough and for that she is my hero. Rest in peace little angel your safe in gods arms now.

It's never easy  / Kayla Muse (Abuse survivor )  Read >>
It's never easy  / Kayla Muse (Abuse survivor )
It's never easy being a kid It's never easy keeping a big secret It's never easy hiding the pain It's never easy telling someone It's never easy lossing a loved one It's never easy lying to the people who care about u the most It's never easy leaving you're family It's never easy loving again When the person you love the most hurts u and betrays your trust When everything u thought was right turns out to be wrong Then u start to ask Why did they chose me Why do they hate me so much Why do they want to hurt me Why do they want to watch me cry Will any of my questions ever be answerd Close
To sweet Kelsey  / Kathy (stanger)  Read >>
To sweet Kelsey  / Kathy (stanger)
Dear Kelsey

it's been nearly 6 years since you had to leave the world because of such violence and I can't help wondering what a happy little girl you could be now if none of this had happened. You were such a little angel and I just can't understand how someone could have hurt you so brutally that you passed away. Your story touched me already 6 years ago even though I was a child myself and still I can't stop thinking of you. I never knew you but I wished I would. I am absolutely sure that you were a joy to all the family members who loved you dearly and all my thoughts are with your Daddy who came home just to burry you. You are watching him from above I am sure but he will never be able to hold you again no matter how hard he wants it. It is an injustice that a sweet child like you had to suffer like that but maybe your case will raise a better awareness of child abuse and people will react more to any sings of abuse. My sweet girl rest in peace and find the happiness you never had on earth. You will always be in the heart of a stranger and you will never be forgotten <3 Close
May you be in Heaven hunni  / Hannah Clarke (none)  Read >>
May you be in Heaven hunni  / Hannah Clarke (none)
I have been watching ur videos on youtube and they make me cry everytime that i watch them. I hope you are in heaven hunni in a world where nobody can hurt you anymore. you were soo small and innocent and you didnt deserve to have that happened to you. Mei God be with you forever and may the people who took ur life away before you had the chance to do any living pay for the sins that they have committed. Close
When You're Gone  / Jess Stoner (Caring Stranger )  Read >>
When You're Gone  / Jess Stoner (Caring Stranger )

Bring me to her...

I can feel her Lord.

Take my soul

Leave nothing more.

Let the light shine on Lord's angels.

Take a deep breathe.

She's alive...

Alive in our hearts.

There will be times

When we will be apart.

But everyone has to remember:

Kelsey is walking with us "EVERY" step of the way! :)))

Missing An Angel  / Jess Stoner (Just A Stranger )  Read >>
Missing An Angel  / Jess Stoner (Just A Stranger )

When you see an angel like Kelsey

you will not be able to breathe.

She swept the life out of me.

How could this be?

Kelsey walked this earth like the little angel she was.

But one day she'll see us.

She'll see Daddy Mommy and all the others...

We'll rest in peace together.

Always and Forever...

Together with Kelsey!

kelsey angel  / Jessica Arnold (not related )  Read >>
kelsey angel  / Jessica Arnold (not related )
Hey there Kelsey just to let you know that I love you very much we all miss you so bad I know your family wishing you was still here with them on Easter and mothers day wich is coming soon your mother made a mistake by marrying mike I dont know if she was responsible for part of your death but she kind of is because she didnt stop and protect you from mike I dont even know if your mother was home at times when mike abused you but at last your in heaven Close
Little Angel  / Daisy Bain (None)  Read >>
Little Angel  / Daisy Bain (None)

Kelsey I am so so sorry for what you had to go through. I didn't know you but I think about you a lot. My friend also went through abuse but now her parents are all locked up and she lives with her Grandma. I know you loved your Grandma too and your Daddy. I've told everyone I can at my school about you and some people cried just like I did (and sometimes still do... no shame). Even some of our teachers got upset!

But guess what? You've changed the law Kelsey. Even though you might not fully understand everything about that I can tell you that it takes a lot to change the law... I just wish you didn't have to die to do it. But now you would be eight years old and you would be in school. But instead of school you're in heaven with all the other angels you've got pretty little wings and a glowing halo. They don't make you different they make you special. All you need to do now is wait for Daddy and Grandma to join you and heaven and just keep watching over young child abuse victims.


I love you Kelsey. xx


~Daisy 13 UK

Im so sorry baby girl.  / Tasha Keene   Read >>
Im so sorry baby girl.  / Tasha Keene

I watch a video of you on youtube about 3 years agoand since then i thought about you a lot.Your story broke my heart.I never met you but i already love you.

Im so sorry this happened to youbut i will work my hardest to not let this happen again.

Now you are in heavenyou wont feel no more pain angel.

The world misses and loves you kelsey.

You will never be forgotten.

RIP Angel  / Grace Campbell   Read >>
RIP Angel  / Grace Campbell
I have never been more moved by something in my entire life. I was passed on a youtube video telling of Kelsey's story and I feel heart-broken. It is such a terrible thing to have happened to anyone let alone a defensive little girl. I wanted to especially send my condolences out to her father I am truely sorry for your loss but do not worry because she is safe now and out of harms way and you will see her again. I am only 18 years old but even I know that this is wrong and I wish there was something I could do to stop child abuse. Kelsey looked like a beautiful girl. RIP angel. X Close
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