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Born in Oklahoma on December 28, 2002.
Documentation of bruises:

3-14 3-14-2005--small bruise on head while with maternal uncle3-21-205--Raye Dawn stated she got blood in her eye from a sore on her hand. Eye had been matted shut that morning. Got Kelsey home she said her mouth hurt and she had green snot in nose. Called and got her Dr. appointment for the next morning. She had a sore throat, eye infection, and sinus infection needed more antibiotics.
3-24 3-24-2005--entire bridge of nose was blue, Raye Dawn said she fell at her apartment. Later that day nose was slightly more swollen and Kelsey complained so I took her to the ER for x-ray at approximately 8:45. Doctor then came in and said he had called DHS. I told him I would call and speak to caseworker the next morning. It was around midnight when we left3-25-2005--Called Yolanda Hunter and left voice message. Krystal Johnson called and asked why I did not report the nose at noon the previous day. I told her I did not feel it was serious and I thought I was only suppose to document each bruise. She slightly scolded me and stated it should have been called in.
3-31 3-31-2005--had 2 small bruises on back and 2 on leg. 4-5-2005--bruises on Kelsey. Ashley contacted DHS. Krystal Johnson made home visit and
took pictures. I failed to accurately document this with list of witnesses.
4-14 4-14-2005--sprained ankle-bite mark that Kelsey said she put on herself on her lower arm, another bruise on arm, bruise on right thigh
4-15 4-15-2005--two bruises on left thigh and one on same leg straight across on inside of leg.
4-16 4-27-2005--had pump knot on nose. Raye Dawn said seven-year-old stepdaughter, Whitney, elbowed her during the night.
April 14—Kelsey sprains ankle while with maternal aunt. She is returned to me at 6:30pm for a birthday party and Raye is to pick her up again that night at 9:00pm. We called the DHS hotline to report the injury as instructed by Krystal Johnson. They said keep her over night and she needed to be taken to the DHS office the next morning.
April 15—Raye and Miste Smith picked Kelsey up at 9:15 to take her to the DHS office. I asked Raye to call me on Monday morning and let me know how Kelsey’s foot was so I could cancel her Gymnastics class. Krystal Johnson scolded me for calling the hotline.
April 18—Raye did not call to give me an update on Kelsey’s foot so Ashley called and spoke with Gymnastics instructor and they advised waiting a week since the injury was so fresh and eliminate any further damage. Raye returned Kelsey at 5:00pm and stated she did not want to walk on her foot yet. She and Mike Porter had married earlier that day.
April 19—My daughter and I took Kelsey to Wal-Mart. She wanted to walk so I put her down and she tried four steps and was done.
April 21—My Aunt Janis Cotton came by for a visit around noon. She played with Kelsey and we visited. Around 2:15 she left, Kelsey and I then went to the Elementary School to pick up the other Grandchildren. We sat outside for a few minutes waiting for my daughter. Kelsey tried to take around five steps. We then went into the office and sat and visited with other school personnel. We arrived home around 3:30 and Raye picked Kelsey up at 4:00. Kelsey had stood some during the previous days next to the furniture, but did not try to walk. I did ask the PE Teacher at the school how long I should expect this sprain to last. She stated it depended on the sprain.
April 22—Saw Raye at her apartment in Meeker loading stuff for a garage sale.
April 23—Raye had a garage sale.
April 25—Yolanda Hunter called and questioned me about Kelsey’s swollen legs. I was not aware of any swelling. She stated both legs were swollen and had fever in them. She instructed Raye to take her to the Doctor. Yolanda called back that afternoon and stated Kelsey had 2 broken legs. She had given Raye permission to keep her overnight and take her for casts the next day. Yolanda called again around 4:00 and advised me to go to the appointment to listen to care instructions by the Doctor.
April 26—Got a call from my daughter stating Raye’s appointment was earlier than the original time. Dr. Barretts nurse stated she had changed the time and did not know she was to notify me. Raye calls from her Grandmothers around 12:00pm and asked when I wanted Kelsey home. I told her to finish her visit and bring her to me.
April 27—Met Raye in Meeker at noon to exchange Kelsey for her middle of the week visit.
April 28—Met Raye at noon to get Kelsey back. She had a knot on her nose. Raye stated to my daughter and myself that her seven-year-old stepdaughter had elbowed her. I also told Raye that it had been recommended to me to get a second opinion on Kelsey’s legs. I asked her if she would like to take her and she did. That afternoon Kelsey was crying dramatically for her Mommy. She had never done this before so we contacted Raye to come take her for a ride or to just visit. Before Raye got to my home she had stopped crying and was playing. When Raye tried to pick her up, she would only say “I want Grandma”. While Raye was here we asked her more about Kelsey’s legs and she stated that they had swollen up on Thursday night and had fever in them. She stated she thought it was because she had not been using them and was making her walk all weekend. I also asked her about a mark on her elbow and she stated it was from scraping the wall while trying to walk. Raye left, I asked Kelsey why she did not want her Mom and she stated she wanted Mommy Ashley. So I called Ashley and she went with us to a baseball game that evening. Kelsey was a little restless with her cast on, and couldn’t understand why she could not play on the playground. Ashley then took her to her Grandparents house to swing while I finished watching the game.
April 28--
April 29—David Burgess called and stated someone had seen Kelsey’s nose and reported it. He wanted me to bring Kelsey to Chandler. I had a play at the Elementary to attend and asked him to come to my house. He and Krystal Johnson came over about 3:45. I had all seven of my Grandchildren at my home and my daughter, Robynn to help watch them while I visited. David Burgess took pictures of Kelsey’s nose. It had already gone down over night and looked fine. Ashley had taken some pictures the night before to put in our file. My husband came home at this time for the interview. David looked at the court order I stated Yolanda Hunter had broken the court order by forcing me to leave Kelsey with Raye an extra night. He also stated I could not give Kelsey back to Raye now that she was married unless she had the order modified. He then went on to say he wanted to give Kelsey back to the Mother so we could see where the injuries were coming from. He and Krystal both stated that Whitney Porter, the seven-year-old stepdaughter, would be questioned at school. She attends school in Shawnee so they stated they would contact Pott. County. Around 3:15 that afternoon Mike Porter called me to discuss a letter Greg Wilson had received from Jim Hodgens. He stated his name should not have been singled out unless we were accusing him of child abuse. He asked me several times if I was. I informed him I had not read the letter, but my position was I did not know who had abused Kelsey, I just knew someone had and Raye was responsible to protect her. He stated he had already retained a separate attorney to sue Jim Hodgens and myself for falsely accusing him. Raye called me that evening and inquired about the DHS visit. We discussed Kelsey going home on June 6th. I discussed wanting to waive my summer visitation and save it for Lance whenever he could come home. I told her I thought it would be better for Kelsey to get into a routine and I was happy with my weekend visits I had previously had. I felt the conversation went well. She called again later that night. My daughter was sitting there so I put it on speakerphone. Raye was concerned if I took Kelsey to the Doctor in OKC and they suspected abuse that OK. County would take Kelsey. I explained it was only a second opinion to check into a problem with growth plates and I couldn’t imagine why abuse could be suspected.
April 30—Raye called to see if I could reschedule appointment due to a family funeral. I told her I would try, but if it was going to be several days away that I would take her myself. She asked to have Kelsey during our weekend if there were any family gatherings due to the passing of her Great Grandmother. I agreed.
May 1—Raye called and spoke to my daughter around 1:00pm wanting Kelsey at 3:00. My daughter called me and I came straight home. Raye kept Kelsey until 5:00. She had gotten her hair cut at my suggestion to make it look healthier.
May 2—I called the OU Physicians Clinic to reschedule appointment. The next opening was more than a week away so I kept the one for that same day. Raye came and picked Kelsey up at 11:45 that day for a dinner before the funeral. I met them at the Church at 12:45 to take Kelsey to the doctor. Raye Dawn was disappointed that the appointment was not re-scheduled. My Aunt, Janis Cotton went with me. Dr. Sullivan told me of his suspicion and suggested I call my caseworker.
May 3—I called David Burgess to report the Doctors opinion. He stated it was possible he would be taking Kelsey into custody. At 4:00 Krystal Johnson called an asked me to bring Kelsey to Chandler to be placed in a foster home.
May 4—We find out Gayla Smith has Kelsey.
May 5—HearingTime Line

Passed away on October 11, 2005 at the age of 2.
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