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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kelsey Briggs who was born in Oklahoma on December 28, 2002 and passed away on October 11, 2005 at the age of 2. We will remember her forever.

After nine months of documented abuse and two court hearings a Judge sent Kelsey back home to an abusive home. She remained in state custody and was to be supervised by state agencies. Her father was in Iraq fighting for our country while Kelsey was here fighting for her life.
On October 11, 2005 she was murdered. The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Two weeks later her stepfather was arrested on first degee murder. Her mother was later charged with two felonies of Child Abuse and Enabling Child Abuse. In April 2006 Kelsey's body was exhumed for a second autopsy where sexual abuse was documented. The stepfather's charges were amended to add the sexual abuse. 

On February 2, 2007 a plea negotiation was entered and approved by the paternal family. The stepfather plead guilty to a reduced charge of Enabling Child Abuse and received 30 years in prison. He has no possibility of parole for 25.5 years. 

The mother was found guilty of Enabling Child Abuse and sentenced to 27 years in prison. She is asking for a new trial. Trial notes for Raye Dawn's trial are available on

A new law has been named for Kelsey in Oklahoma to prevent this type of failure in our state system.

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Hugs Across America

The Kelsey Briggs Chapter

Hugs Across America collects Teddy Bears for children in crisis. The Kelsey Briggs Chapter was created in Oklahoma to offer some comfort to the children taken into foster care. We will also share these bears with children in other areas of trauma. We recently sent 100 bears to the victims of the Greenburg, Kansas tornado. Anyone wishing to send a HUG to a child or start a group of your own please go to
click on Oklahoma
to contact Kelsey's Chapter or or

The Kelsey Briggs Foundation will give two memorial scholarhips each year. One for Kelsey and one in memory of Skyla Brooks. More details to follow soon.

My name is Kelsey

My name is Kelsey, I’m only two.
I’m way too young to know right from wrong, 
I can barely sing a children’s song.
When you hurt me, why can’t you see, 
I don’t understand, I’m not even three.
I try to walk, “can’t”.
My little body’s black and blue 
and now you have taken my family too.
I love my daddy and he loves me, 
Grandma, PaPa, where can you be?
I don’t forget, I think of you
and when I’m hurt, your love shines through.
It’s dark in here, I can’t go on------No! 
Wait there’s light, an angel’s song.
I feel God’s hand lift me away: 
he has the perfect place to play.
I know you hurt, I see your tears, 
but only God knows why I’m here.
Daddy, I’m okay, my body’s new 
and I will never, ever forget you.
My name was Kelsey.
Written by Connie Mathews 

Our family was blessed that God chose us to know her, love her, and fight for her. Kelsey is our hero and will forever be our Angel.

Toys for Kelsey's Kids

The Christmas following Kelsey's death we found ourselves with gifts we had already purchased for Kelsey. We decided to donate them to another child to put under the tree. When her Daddy realized Kelsey had a room full of barely used toys that needed love he chose to donate them too. We were able to provide Christmas for 43 children that year. The following Christmas we still felt the need to do something for children that needed a special gift under the tree. Toys for Kelsey's Kids started Christmas 2006. Toys were collected in several sites and were donated in the area they were collected to more than 200 children in foster care. We hope this will grow to benefit more children in the coming years.



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mother/ aunt   / April Aubin
The system has also failed me they tell you what you want to hear if dfs would do their joy all of our babies would still be with us. My husband n I had custody of my nephew he was here also 2 years he went back to dad which got in trouble with meth ...  Continue >>
i didnt know kelsey but i miss her too   / Azharia Long (i don't know kelsey )
i didn't know Kelsey Briggs but i just cant go a day without thinking about how sweet she probably was i printed a pic of Kelsey so i would never forget that adorable face and i also think how could anyone want to hurt that precious little face. and ...  Continue >>
My poor little Angel   / Kimmie-Louise Wideman (n/a)
To Kelsey I am so sorry for your death. I wish your mindless stepfather hadn't abused you for we would have been the same age. I also wish your mom hadn't let go through this on your own and that she hadn't have encouraged him to abuse you. I am also...  Continue >>
I am so sorry.   / Kimmie-Louise Wideman (n/a)
To Kelsey I am so sorry for your death. I wish your mindless stepfather hadn't have been horrible and if you were still alive we would've been the same age. I also wish your mom hadnt aloud the abuse I feel so sorry you had to live like that. Rest in...  Continue >>
Rip beautiful Kelsey!   / Jaime Conrad (None)
I look often at your pictures and think how blessed your mommy and daddy were to have a beautiful little girl!! I'm sick to hear you were abused and murdered by a monster! The worse part is, no one got to the bottom of this before you were taken :-( ...  Continue >>
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an angel treated so badly  / Angela Nicoll (none)    Read >>
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happy bithday baby girl  / Nina Shep     Read >>
kelsey / Kathy (friend from site )    Read >>
You are an inspiration.  / Jolie Walker (A caring stranger )    Read >>
This story broke my heart  / Sarah H. (Stranger)    Read >>
Hugs & Prayers  / Teresa S. (None)    Read >>
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